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Happy Independence Day 2018

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Remember today and everyday why we are an independent country.


Memorial Day 2018

Remember the fallen soldiers and their support (family & friends) this weekend and for all time.  Someone said Memorial Day should be every day.  Another veteran reminded us that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is very special because not only did those brave souls sacrifice their lives for our freedom, but gave up their [...]

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Memorial Day 2017

On this special weekend, we honor the soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country!Almost all families have relatives lost while in the service to the USA.  Remember them, and those from all families, and know they are with God in a better place, and you will see them again.  For now, [...]

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National Veterans Day!

All of us wish to thank all veterans on this special day!  As a Viet Nam veteran I especially appreciate the sacrifices all soldiers and families of veterans have made. We love America!  In honor of this date, I added more pictures from the war in 1967-8.  See Our Pics Section.

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The Chemistry of Snake Venom

I love snakes, but at a respectful distance from poisonous snakes.  Remind me to tell you about a King Cobra killed in Southeast Asia when I arrived.  Anyway, this video gives you some chemical/biological information from the different methods of how snakes protect themselves.And, FYI, the viper snake venom derivative is used in our Cutis Care Anti-Aging [...]

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After Dallas, Not a Fan of Social Media

We all pray for the victims who sacrificed their lives or were injured while trying to protect the innocents who take for granted that they will risk their lives for yours.What can I say . . . . the Dallas massacre (ambush) is bad enough, but the social media responses from many citizens to blame [...]

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On this very special holiday we celebrate our freedom and independence as a free country.  We should all appreciate and love our soldiers, veterans, families, friends and neighbors as Proud Americans.

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Newt for VP

We have always loved Newt Gingrich -- even wanted him for President when he ran in past Primaries (would have been much better than Romney!).  So, our "vote" for Donald is to pick Newt!

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Trump all the way!

As a veteran, a patriot, a lover of democracy and the Constitution, as well as a hater of Obama policies for 7 1/2 years, I endorse and support Donald Trump as President.I have been fairly silent (like most people) since the beginning but always liked his "thinking", not necessarily how he presents it to us. [...]

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Thank Veterans and Soldiers This Memorial Day Weekend!

Blessed are our veterans!  Please celebrate all those that have lost their lives and appreciate those still alive as well as our soldiers.  Only about 1% of the US population join the military and they protect the rest of us.  And, do not forget the private contractors that support the military!The surviving veterans have stories [...]

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