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After Dallas, Not a Fan of Social Media

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We all pray for the victims who sacrificed their lives or were injured while trying to protect the innocents who take for granted that they will risk their lives for yours.

What can I say . . . . the Dallas massacre (ambush) is bad enough, but the social media responses from many citizens to blame the police, guns, or race relations makes the tragedy much, much worse.  Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are irresponsible in allowing much of the extremism on their systems.  It does not help anyone but themselves.  We all know the ones I refer to are liberal and promote conversation that support goals of redefining the world to their liking -- obvious from where they "choose" to limit free-speech.

While social media proclaims that Trump's "build the wall" remark is hatred, they obviously believe "kill the pigs" is not.  It is impossible to educate such hard-core individuals to have a real communication about the subject.  And the powerful social media moguls continue the propaganda and control more of the bandwidth.

Instead, we all should be thankful for the protection we still have from people in our military, law-enforcement, emergency response, fire, police, hospitals, court, and, yes, attorneys (most) and politicians (most), who help keep us all safe, secure, and the Greatest Country in the World (AMERICA)!


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