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Thank Veterans and Soldiers This Memorial Day Weekend!

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Blessed are our veterans!  Please celebrate all those that have lost their lives and appreciate those still alive as well as our soldiers.  Only about 1% of the US population join the military and they protect the rest of us.  And, do not forget the private contractors that support the military!

The surviving veterans have stories that you likely would not believe if they were to tell them to you.  Some stories may relate to their own bravery or experiences that you will never know about, and that is their intent.

These brave soldiers (men and women) do not want recognition for what they did.  They were patriotic and defended all of us and our American way of life.  Please respect and give back to them for having protected us all.

  Air Force 1966-1970

As a veteran of the Vietnam war in 1967-68, I know how it felt to be disrespected and ridiculed for being a soldier.

A lot of things have changed since then with the military and veterans (not to mention the VA issue):

a)  politics --  returning soldiers can now wear their colors returning home.  Still, government policies and protesters diminish the appreciation for their effort.  Current soldiers and veterans are being treated terribly by the Obama administration which dictates policies of the VA and influences the minds of the left-wing peace-nicks. .

b)  war management -- In Vietnam, soldiers usually died from their wounds, but now more timely medical care for those that need help has resulted in an amount of wounded soldiers never before seen in any war.

Please do what you can to help all veterans, soldiers, and especially wounded soldiers -- expect more from us on this.

Regardless of your politics, please thank all veterans and soldiers you are lucky enough to meet this weekend and in the future -- you may think it is a small thing, but it is a BIG DEAL to a veteran and soldier, our heroes!


See the only pictures I have of my military experience (all overseas at the age of 18):

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