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Don Jessup



Donald W. Jessup
200 Twin Branch Road
Campton, KY 41301
606-725-4202 (fax)
1979-present         Continuing education courses and seminars taken through American Management Association, Agilent, U. of Wisconsin, GMP Institute,
Natural Products Association, University of Kentucky/University of Strathclyde (Scotland) Entrepreneurial Supercoaching Workshop, etc.
1996-2007                The American Holistic College of Nutrition (correspondence courses)
                                              Major:                     Holistic Nutrition (M.S., Ph.D. program - incomplete)
1977-78                   University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM
                                              Semester Hrs.:         36 (Chemistry 20, engineering 6, computers 6)
                                              GPA:                       3.7/4.0
                                              Major:                     Pharmacology (Ph.D. program - incomplete)
1972-77                   Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
                                              Semester Hrs.:         96 (subjects shown below)
                                              GPA:                       3.2/4.0
                                              Major:                     Chemistry 44
                                              Minors:                    Mathematics 24, Physics 18, Biology 12
                                              Degree:                   B.S. in Chemistry
                                                                             (granted by Purdue University -- ACS accredited)
1970-72                   Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
                                              Semester Hrs.:         48 (subjects shown below)
                                              GPA:                       3.6/4.0
                                              Major:                     Chemistry 20
                                              Minors:                    Mathematics 8, Physics 6, Biology 6
1962-66                   Southport High School, Indianapolis, IN
                                              Major:                     College Preparatory (emphasis on Science and Math)
               Pi Pharma, Inc.dba Nature's Extra, Campton, KY
	9/07 -present           President -
			Part-ownership and responsible for all operations for our vitamin, herbal, mineral, health food, and cosmetic manufacturing business.
Customers are wholesale to practitioners and health food stores, retail through online ordering, and private label and contract manufacturing
for other companies. Products include powders, liquids, creams and gels, and the processing of herbal extracts.
               Polyionics Inc. dba The Nutrition FarmÒ, Campton, KY
	8/90 – 9/07              President, CEO & Chairman -
			Ownership and operation of R&D specialty chemical manufacturing business (purification and sale of conductive polymers for analytical laboratories)
and a vitamin, herbal, mineral, health food, and cosmetic manufacturing business manufacturing contract and private label products, and our branded
products that were sold wholesale to health food stores and retail through our mail order catalog and web site. Operated analytical and research laboratories,
and performed all accounting.
               Manufacturing Chemists Inc., Indianapolis, IN
	5/92 - 5/94               President -
               			Operation of pharmaceutical manufacturing business. Transformed company from a $0.5M loss to $1.5M profit in less than two years by increasing
customers, quadrupling product line, tripling sales volume, improving manufacturing capacity and capability, and increasing product profit margins
Satisfactorily completed two difficult FDA cGMP audits as well as numerous customer audits and inspections.
               Central Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now Schwarz Pharma Manufacturing), Seymour, IN
	3/90 - 5/92               Manager, Analytical Research & Product Stability Department -
			Responsible for drug analysis submission to FDA for A/NDAs; research and validation of new analytical methods for QC and submission to USP and FDA;
research arm for tablet, capsule, and liquid manufacturing and Product R&D.
	8/88 - 2/90               Managing Chemist, Distributor Products -
                               		Project manager for all research products; coordinated and reported progress of FDA 
                               		NDA data submissions; developed and validated analytical methods; supervised and 
                               		trained chemists and laboratory technicians to perform analytical research.
	3/85 - 7/88               Research Chemist -
			Developed analytical methods for new drug products; obtained raw data for analytical method and product submissions; troubleshooting of QC analysis problems.
               Custom Chemical Laboratories, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
	8/83 - 2/85               Senior Synthetic Chemist -
			Drug synthesis R&D from bench to scale-up through pilot and manufacturing plant for bulk pharmaceutical raw materials and flavors; worked with clients
and vendors worldwide developing profitable projects; responsible for planning and completion from conception to delivery; responsible for regulatory EPA, FDA, and OSHA compliance.
               American Monitor Corporation, Indianapolis, IN
	1/81 - 8/83               Chief Production Chemist -
			Supervised chemists manufacturing clinical diagnostic reagents; responsible for synthesis    and improved yield and manufacturing safety for organic proprietary
product; responsible for environmental control of hazardous materials and manufacturing employee adherence to cGMPs.
	1/78 - 1/81               Production Chemist -
			Manufactured clinical diagnostic reagents (including inorganic, organic, biochemical, and enzymatic); developed organic synthesis for patented specialty products.
               Cancer Research & Treatment Center, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
	1/77 - 1/78               Research Assistant -
			Carcinogenesis research and analysis on cell, organ, and animal subjects to elucidate chemical and biochemical mechanisms for tumor formation and growth; work
supported Ph.D. thesis while attending graduate medical school full-time.
               Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
	1/74 - 12/76             Research Assistant -
			Synthetic organic chemistry and analysis of various carcinogens for research and publication while attending full-time undergraduate studies in the field of chemistry. 
               O.A. Laboratories, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
	1/74 – 2/75              Analytical Chemist -
                               		Independent laboratory performing analysis on many materials, mostly using AA and
                               		emission spectroscopy and wet chemical methods. Environmental sampling and 
                               		testing on water and wastewater to meet EPA standards.
               Purdue University, U.S. Aid in Development Research Grant, West Lafayette, IN
	8/70 - 12/73             Research Assistant -
			Research and analysis of hybrid sorghum protein composition grown on research farms while attending full-time undergraduate studies in the field of chemistry. 
               Quemetco Inc. (formerly Western Lead Products, Inc.), Indianapolis, IN
	6/70 - 8/70               Research Assistant -
                               		Analysis of lead ingots, lead alloy, and lead compounds. 
               Dow Chemical Company, Zionsville, IN
	6/70 - 6/70               General Laborer -
			Placenta processing for product manufacturing. 
               United States Air Force, (various stations – TX, CO, SEA, ME)
	7/66 - 6/70               Weapons Specialist -
			Prepared and loaded bombs (conventional and nuclear) and weapons (missiles, guns and simulators) on various jet and propeller aircraft (F-4, F-101, F-102, F-103, F-104, F-105, F-106, B-26). Viet Nam veteran.
                               American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
                               American Association for the Advancement of Science
                               American Chemical Society
                                              Division of Medicinal Chemistry
                                              Division of Small Chemical Business
                                              Division of Organic Chemistry
                                              Division of Analytical Chemistry
                                              Central Kentucky Regional Section
                               International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
                               Association of Official Analytical Chemists
                               Society for Applied Spectroscopy
                               Kentucky Natural Product Alliance
                               The Analysis of the Degradation Products of Pseudoephedrine
                                              Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
			The Metal-Ammonia Reduction of Triptycene: The Intermediacy of Bicycloaromatic and Homoaromatic Anions
                                              Tetrahedron Letters (1979)
                               The Birch Reduction of Fluorinated Aromatics
                                              Journal of Organic Chemistry (1978)
		MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Sage Peachtree Accounting
                               Jesus, Michelle Jessup, chemistry, computers, internet, camping, hiking, cats, horses, horseback riding, nature

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