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HA -- Why Powder-to-Gel?

For now, this covers our Opti-HA Hyaluronan Powder-to-Gel product.

Put simply, we put our specially patent-pending formulation composed of dry mix ingredients in a bottle that allows the consumer (you) to add water and essentially create the freshest product available before use.

Why "fresh"?

Scientific Facts:

1)  When it comes to HA (Hyaluronan), the molecule is very, very large and is very viscous (thick) in solution and is an anti-inflammatory.  Unfortunately, the HA molecule is not stable when in solution, even in the body (losing 15 g per day through degradation).  The real problem is that the HA molecule, when large, is anti-inflammatory, but when smaller (through degradation) becomes thinner and pro-inflammatory!  So, the solid dosage forms of HA are ineffective because they can not be absorbed by the body, while the liquid HA products on the market have likely degraded to the point that they are not only no longer effective as an anti-inflammatory, but are NOW producing, as time goes on, inflammatory molecules which exacerbate the reasons for taking the product to begin with (i.e. all the inflammatory conditions, RA, etc.)

3)  In all drug bioavailable instances, the active healthy ingredient (the purpose for consumption), is MOST effective (bioavailable) when in solution with water, so you get to absorb the maximum that can be absorbed by the body.  FDA requires any solid dosage form to be evaluated against the liquid form to ensure that the drug ingredients are effective by comparison to the most bioavailable form, the drug product in liquid form.  The body is very good at absorbing chemicals when in liquid form, as intended when consumption is through the digestive tract and stomach where the product normally dissolves.  Hyaluronan is too large a molecule and is very difficult to dissolve in the stomach so is not effective when consumed in a solid dosage form.

4)  Many healthy ingredients (chemicals) are degraded (unstable) when dissolved in water due to hydrolysis and oxidation resulting in a much less useful or healthy ingredient and over time can result in toxic degradation products.  When stored on the shelf and warehouse, prior to purchase and usage, many products have degraded to the point of being useless or even harmful.

5)  Our dry mix is stable due to several scientific principles, however the most important is water activity -- if there is insufficient water available to the molecule for it to degrade, it will remain stable to the lack of moisture.  At the same time, there is insufficient water available for microbes to grow like they do when in solution with water.

6)  There are many other recent science from published articles, but we do not want to bore you (over 1 million).  Much of it relates to our pending patent and you can contact us if you want to know more about the science.  And, keep watching, as we are always learning more to help improve your health with the most effective products.

You can find more information about our Opti-HA patent-pending powder-to-liquid product as follows:

Advantages of our Patent-Pending Hyaluronan Formulation

Our HA Formulation Patent-Pending Application Publication (will need to sign in / create account in order to see this page -- otherwise you will get a "page does not exist" error)

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