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skin cream application

You have used skin creams and found that, to us, it takes a lot of material (mass/volume) to achieve your expectations from the product.

Competitors want you to use more so you buy more often!

The right formulation of skin cream, meaning emphasis on the ingredients and concentrations of them, makes the difference between a good cream and a bad cream in terms of effectiveness (regardless of the intent).

Our creams are the best in terms of quantity needed versus effectiveness, so you do NOT need to use a lot of our product to get the same effect.  Try it out, small amounts at first, and work up to your desired effect and based upon your frequency of usage.

Our policy is to give you better quality at an affordable price for the effectiveness in the most concentrated forms available.  We use no fillers (also known as diluents) -- every ingredient is necessary and has a purpose!

Bottom line, you pay less AND you get more uses!

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