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Hi, I am Don (the President and Formulator)!what-don-does.jpg

Do you look at the ingredient list shown on the labeling of your oral and topical products?  You should, however, the chemical names can be confusing and the information about them, if you check online, can often be misleading or inaccurate depending upon the source.  That we why use the most current science to keep up and provide only the BEST products you can get.

As scientific information increases, we learn that some chemicals, originally thought benign, are not beneficial to human health. As a long-time chemist (more than 50 years), my goal has always been the healthy use of ingredients while knowing that information changes over time.

Toxicity & Chemical Sensitivity (Allergies):

We use only non-toxic and on the FDA-approved (GRAS)* list of ingredients in our products.  In addition, we scrutinize the FDA list using our own policies and current scientific information to make our formulation decisions.

*GRAS stands for Generally Recognized As Safe and is a lawful list of chemicals that are safe when used for food or topical products.

We also formulate to make our products as natural as possible and to minimize or eliminate issues for chemically-sensitive individuals.

   For example, we never use these ingredients in our oral products:

          tree nuts

       Our oral products are vegan and vegetarian**.
            **unless clearly marked in the product list -- (i.e. orally, our Joint Therapy uses chondroitin sulfate, which is obtained from bovine cartilage and is clearly not vegan or vegetarian).

   We never use these ingredients in our our topical products:
       ***unless clearly marked in the product list -- (i.e. some products may contain a purely intended fragrance that the customer desires).
Dosage & Application:
Importantly, we know that dosage is critical both for effectiveness and for toxicity in both oral and topical products.  We have to take into consideration long-term usage effects as well as the potential of consumer over-dose.
Dosage is important:
For example, an extreme example, the chemical that is the most important in our lives is water yet it is the one chemical that kills the most people (drowning).
Application is important:
Dosage often has to do with application, especially when it comes to topical products.  For example, not with any of our products, but some products, if applied to around the eyes or other sensitive areas, can create burning sensation, irritation, or skin damage.
If you have a question about any ingredient, ask me.
Formulator Opinions:
Here is something important to know on topical products:

     other competitor skin creams are usually diluted (with our products you do not need to use as much to get the same or better result)

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