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Nanette's Testimonial

Dear Nature's Extra,

I am writing in praise of one of your products, Argentia Silver Healing Cream. I have a skin condition on my face which, if left alone, develops into tender, peeling skin around my nose, some flaking between my brows, and red splotches on my chin and temples that become irritated and itchy.

I had used your cream for treating minor wounds and burns with great success and fast healing, so I decided to give it a try on my face; it tingled some and later the affected area around my nostrils flaked. But then as I kept a regimen of twice daily washing and application of your product, I saw healing begin within just a few days.

I am diligent about using Argentia Silver Healing Cream twice daily, with excellent results. My skin remains clear and smooth, and now I receive compliments on how nice my skin looks. That's a bonus I wasn't expecting!

So thank you so much for putting this product on the market.


Nanette Boone


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