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The following are some of our most favorite videos -- hope you like them too!

Video 1 (Budweiser Clydesdales Journey to NYC After 9/11)

Video 2 (Budweiser Clydesdales Snowball Fight)

Video 3 (Close Calls)

Video 4 (Pepsi Dog & Cat Commercial)

Video 5 (Herding Cats)

Video 6 (Canadian Wildlife Service Spiders On Drugs)

Video 7 (Simon the Cat)

Video 8 (Trunk Monkey)

Below are personal videos:

     Don Jessup -- I added these during Memorial Day 2016 (I am very patriotic and naturally reminiscent).

The Story:

At the age of 17, I joined the Air Force for 4 years. Six months later, after training, I became a Weapons and Armament Specialist with my first base overseas at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base (NKP), Thailand (1967-68) as part of the 56th Air Commando Wing, 609th Air Commando Squadron

Politically, we were never there, thus the need for our Special Ops around flying the A-26 prop fighter and it was not "our" base but was the Royal Thai Air Force base.  We had to use prop aircraft because NKP had a PSP (pressed-steel-plating) runway and jets could not take off or land there (long story, one had to, and was shipped out in pieces).  A long PSP runway can be installed in a couple days if you have enough people to lay it.

NKP was in Thailand but as the closest "allied base" to Hanoi and we had a HUGE impact on the Ho Chi Minh supply-line trail leading to Southern Viet Nam.  The A-26 became known as the "truck-killer".

We loaded various bombs, flares, napalm, rockets, onto the 8 wingracks and bombs into the bombay, guns & ammo in the nose, during the day, then armed the weapons on the runway during takeoff at night, and disarmed the weapons on returning aircraft early in the morning. They could not fly in the daytime as they would be sitting ducks for the Viet Cong jets.

There were about 20 of the A-26s at NKP.  The A-26 is a hugely-modified in weaponry of the WWII B-26.  Enough to change it from a "B" (Bomber) to an "A" (Armament) due to the expanded engines (more payload), bomb-bay mods, 8 wing-racks, and the 8-50 cal machine guns in the nose. Formidable for a two-engine prop plane!

If you want to see a few pictures while at NKP, go to our pics!

The following videos are a small insight of the A-26 aircraft:

Vintage A-26 flying in Arizona

The A-26 (formerly B-26) Douglas Invader (good info at the beginning)

1945 Video of How to Fly an A-26

     Michelle Jessup --

Michelle's Arabian Black Stallion "Dream" (after loading, select the arrow button to start)

     Our Place --

A 270 degree video of the view from our 2nd floor deck in early fall (after loading, select the arrow button to start)

A small reactor boiling and mixing liquid (after loading, select the arrow button to start)

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